3 Reasons to Maintain Your Septic Tank in Top Shape

If you have a septic tank in your home, you might understand some things involved in septic tank maintenance. First, the septic tank requires professional inspection and maintenance by a certified contractor at least once every three years. Secondly, you need to pump the tank frequently, depending on the amount of water used in your home. Another essential maintenance tip is to abstain from pouring chemicals and solids down the drain. 

These are a few of the numerous benefits you can realise from following septic tank maintenance routines.

1.  It Saves You Money in the Long Run

Repairing a failed septic system is quite costly. Besides the service cost, you might incur additional expenses in buying broken drain pipes and other fixtures. When digging out the yard to access the tank, the contractors may damage your well-manicured lawn and other valuable items on the property. Of course, getting everything in the yard back to shape comes at a cost. Routine septic tank maintenance is a cost-saving strategy. It will prevent catastrophic breakdowns, thus saving you money in repairs and replacements. 

2. It Protects Your Family from Health Hazards

One of the fundamental functions of the septic tank is to drain off wastewater from the house. Before it discharges the wastewater into the drainfield, the septic tank filters out the sewer water contaminants. When you fail to maintain your sewer, it will become ineffective in managing wastewater. For instance, ignoring your routine pumping schedule can lead to a backflow of sewage into your home. That is a health hazard that puts your family at risk of acquiring water-borne diseases. Likewise, an ill-maintained sewer system might not eliminate pollutants effectively, which may eventually seep into underground water and contaminate it.

3. It Keeps Your Yard in Great Shape

Repairing a malfunctioning sewer system causes substantial damage to the lawn and everything around it. That means you will have to start all over again to restore the yard to its original form. Furthermore, an undetected septic tank overflow can distract your lawn's uniformity by causing overgrowth of the grass in the wet patches. To preserve the attractiveness of your yard, you should schedule professional septic tank maintenance more often.

Having a well-functioning septic tank is critical. You need to pay attention to the system so as to keep it in good working order. Consider contacting a septic tank maintenance company for more information. 

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